Services that we provide

 I’m here ready to listen to anything thats on your mind.

I provide counselling to individuals who have been finding certain aspects of their lives challenging and feel that it is time for them to work things through in therapy.

Feeling stuck, unsure which direction you are heading yourself or with your partner, and constantly worrying about many things, making your life even more unmanageable. lost a family member, friend or just some one you know. Most people experience anxiety or depression at some point in their lives and need a little help to cope with pain and confusion.

Bereavement is something we know will happen to all of us in some form, at some time. Yet, no one can really prepare for it. Death might be universal, but grief is completely unique. Everyone reacts differently and there is no right way to grieve – there is just what you feel.

You may experience this by doing other things, less productive, which could be replaced by something you can do  better, but do not know how to.  You may find yourself uncomfortable in social situations with others or struggle to connect with your partner, when they need you the most.  There may be a host of underlying difficulties, which cause a huge amount of confusion, that often leads to misunderstandings.  These might not be seen clearly at first, and continue to go round in your mind and distract you from being fully present in a moment.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


During the first sessions we will talk about what you are hoping to gain from therapy.You may at present not be fully clear and other aspects may become more highlighted through our work together so this will be regularly reviewed during our weeks working together.

We will during our first session draw up a contract between the 2 of us just to outline boundaries of the therapeutic relationship between us, how fees and cancellations can be adhered to, the role of confidentiality.This contract can be added to over time if other aspects arise that you feel you wish to have in written consent this is not a problem

The place of your therapy sessions will be arranged with you before the beginning of therapy.  Current location for face to face therapy is at:  9/11 Tatton Street, Knutsford. WA16 6AB or Affinity centre in Wilmslow.

At the moment I offer therapy in the following formats :                                    

  • Face to face therapy
  • Online video calls
  • Phone calls
Online Therapy
Therapy online may be useful in many different ways. For example, if you are on a business trip in the capital or need to move around the world for work reasons or live in a remote location that does not have counselling services nearby.  If you are a full time parent or finding it difficult to travel long distance to therapy.   Online therapy enables you to keep in touch with your therapist from the comfort of your home. Nowadays travel expenses, busy lifestyle, holiday breaks and other unforeseeable factors may affect the continuous therapeutic journey.
How does it work?
Online sessions on video call last 50 minutes. I predominately use Google meet to carry out the sessions. In order to be able to have Counselling online, you need to have a secure and good internet connection on your computer, laptop, mobile or your tablet with a web camera, head phones those would be your own personal choice. Before your on line video session I will send out a link to the google meet session to your email/phone and all that is required is for you to acknowledge and click onto the link and that will allow you to join the secure meeting between the 2 of us.
The sessions are carried out over the video call where you we can speak safely and comfortably.  The sessions are a subject to the ethics and restrictions of the face to face therapy.
Telephone sessions: These again last 50 -60 minutes. Please ensure that you have the space and time to allow for the therapy to go ahead, you will require a quiet, safe uninterrupted environment for the duration of the session, this just enable the benefits to be there.
Face to face: We will meet in the arranged venue. In the current climate please be ensured that all Covid 19 safety rules are in place. The rooms will be regularly sanitised, hand sanitiser provided, the rooms are well aired and spaced to ensure the 2 metre distance can be in place at all times. Face coverings are to be worn on arrival into the building but not required during the therapy session.
I ask that if you have felt unwell in any way to please conact me with enough notice and reschedule your appointment.
Fees and how long?
Individual therapy:  (face to face, video call, phone, )- 50 -60 minute session-  £50
Student concession – £40/session
Payments can be in person or on line banking, bank details provided in contract.
Please book your 30min free initial consultation/assessment. This can be carried out over the phone, again please ensure you are in a safe and private environment to allow the discussion to flow freely
Booking and cancellation
Bookings can be taken over the phone at the moment.
Cancellation please let me know 48hrs in advance otherwise you may be charged.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How long do I need therapy? 
Therapy is very individual and gives you space to work on your needs in a safe and comfortable environment. After an initial consultation, you would be able to decide whether short term or long term therapy is a suitable choice for you.  Some individuals prefer to stay short term for a variety of reasons, whereas others stay longer, because they need more time to reflect and work on and through their needs. 
I provide short term therapy of 6 Sessions up to 20 sessions ideally weekly with a choice of staying long term, up until you feel you have done enough for yourself to be ready to go through the challenges life offers from day to day. Most importantly it is your decision.